A Bands and Modes Utility for DXKeeper

Author K5FR


DXKeeper's automation of the QSL Card/Label generation process assumes that the operator wants to work every DXCC entity on some or all bands, in some or all modes; it cannot be configured to automatically generate QSL Cards or Labels for the operator seeking to work every DXCC entity on combinations of bands and modes, e.g. "I want to work every DXCC entity on 20m SSB, 20m CW, and 20m RTTY". The Bands and Modes Utility (BMUtil) now provides this capability.

Program Overview

Installation Instructions

        Download file (use for DXK 5.x).

        Download file (use for DXK 6.x).


Startup instructions



Note: See the on-Line help file for more information about using this utility. See the Revision Log here for a history of changes.

Send me an email and let me know if you have problems or suggestions for making BMUtil better.


Steve - K5FR